Prof. Dr. Jyoti Pandit

Prof. Dr. Jyoti Pandit

Associate Professor


Associate professor of school of Chemistry, with more than 33 years of academic and research experience.Completed PhD from Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), Pune. Her research is highlighted and published in prestigious international journals. Her area of research includes polymer chemistry and polymer nanocomposites. She is Chairperson of Board of Studies of Mathematics,Physics and Chemistry and Internal Complaints Committee of MIT-WPU. She has also received ideal teacher award from MIT Pune in the year 2017. She is a coauthor for 16 books in the area of chemistry, and one book chapter in book plublishied by Elsevier International publications.




M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry)

Research Papers:

Research paper 1 : “Raghao S. Mali and Jyoti A.Pandit., “Facile synthesis of 3-chlorocoumarines,”Organic Procedures and Preparations International, Vol.27, No 6, 663-667(1995), ISSN: 0030-4948
(Impact Factor: 1.750).

Research paper 2 : Jyoti A. Pandit, Anjali A. Athawale .,“ Epoxy—Polyester IPNs Modified with Aromatic Amines” Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol. 125, 836–843 (2012), ISSN: 0021-

Research paper 3 :Jyoti A. Pandit, K. Sudarshan, Anjali A. Athawale, “Electrically conductive epoxy- polyester-graphite nanocomposites modified with aromatic amines”, Polymer, (2016), 104 ,49-60. ISSN:0032-3861, ( Impact Factor: 3.586).


Teaching Experience : 33 years

Research Experience : 9 years overlapping with teaching


Physical and Inorganic Chemistry,Polymer Chemistry,Engineering Chemistry -I,Engineering Chemistry-II