Dr. Vandana A. Mooss

Dr. Vandana A. Mooss

Assistant professor


An Assistant professor in Chemistry with 6 years of Research/ Teaching experience.




B.Sc. (Chemistry)

Research Interest:

Conducting polymers, polymer nanocomposites, biodegradable polymers, energy storage, marine coatings

Research Papers:

  • V. A. Mooss, V. Vijayakumar, S. Kurungot, A. A. Athawale, Interconnected polyaniline nanostructures: Enhanced interface for better supercapacitance retention,        Polymer, 212 (2021) 123169. (Impact factor- 4.35).
  • V. A. Mooss, F. Hamza, S. S. Zinjarde, A. A. Athawale, Polyurethane films modified with polyaniline-zinc oxide nanocomposites for biofouling mitigation, Chemical Engineering Journal, 359 (2019) 1400-1410. (Impact factor- 13.23)  
  • V. A. Mooss, A. A. Bhopale, P. P. Deshpande, A. A. Athawale, Graphene oxide modified polyaniline pigment for epoxy based anti-corrosion coatings, Chemical Papers, 71 (8), 1515-(Impact factor -1.3).
  • V. A. Mooss, A. A. Athawale, Polyaniline-graphene oxide: Influence of non-conducting graphene oxide on the conductivity and oxidation-reduction mechanism of polyaniline, Journal al of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 54 (2016) 3778-3786. (Impact factor- 3.1).
  • P. Deshpande, A. A. Bhopale, V. A. Mooss, A. A. Athawale, Conducting polyaniline/nano-zinc phosphate composite as a pigment for corrosion protection of low-carbon steel, Chemical Papers, 71(2017)189-197. (Impact factor-1.3).
  • P. P. Deshpande, A. A. Bhopale, V. A. Mooss, A. A. Athawale, Evaluation of corrosion protection performance of conducting polyaniline/nano zinc phosphate coated low carbon steel by impedance spectroscopy, UPB Scientific Bulletin B, 79 (2017)273-283. (Impact factor-1).
  • ‘PANI-ZnO nanocomposites embedded polyurethane films for antifouling applications”, Vandana A Mooss, Fazeela Hamza, Smita S Zinjarde and Anjali A. Athawale, Vandana A Mooss et al., J Material Sci Eng 8 (2019).


Teaching Experience : 2 years

Research Experience : 4 years